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Buzz's Spring Creek Fishing Report -September 20, 2021



Fishing on the Creeks is good. The dry fly action is pretty good with Midges, Baetis, a few Sulphurs and some Terrrestrials.

There are fair Midge hatches when conditions are favorable. They are hatching on calm mornings and sometimes on calm evenings. My favorite Midge patterns have been a Mole Midge, a Captive Midge, a Harrop CDC Hanging Midge, a Buzz's   CDC Midge, a Harrop CDC Emerging Midge or a Harrop Grey Adult Midge all in sizes 20 to 22. A great pattern to trail off any of these is Gary's Midge Pupa, a WD-40, a Miracle Nymph or a Zebra Midge all in sizes 18 to 20.

There are now some fair to good Baetis hatches in the mornings. My favorite patterns are a Max’s Baetis, a CDC Baetis Comparadun, A Harrop CDC Grey Olive Baetis Emerger or a Harrop CDC Grey Olive Baetis Dun, all of these in a size 22.

At the same time of the Baetis hatch there are a fair amount of Baetis Spinners. A size 22 Olive or Rusty Spinner works well.

There is a sparse Sulphur hatch in the early evening which brings up the fish. My favorite patterns are our Parachute Sulphur Emerger (22), our CDC Sulphur Sparkle Dun (20) or a Sulphur Comparadun (20).

Along with the warmer weather Terrestrials like Ants, Beetles, Hoppers and Crickets are now available to the fish. My favorite Terrestrial patterns for this time of year are our Jimmies Tri Ant (18-20), a Foam Beetle (14-18), a Harrop Flying Ant (14), a Hi Vis Foam  Ant (20), A Harrop Spring Creek Tan Hopper (14) or our Black Cricket (12).

The Nymph fishing has been good. There are various Mayfly nymphs available to the fish along with Midge Larva and Pupa, Scuds, Sow Bugs alpong with Caddis Larva and Pupa. Sawyer Pheasant Tails, WD-40's and many Midge Larva patterns have all been effective.

    Most of the flies suggested above are locally tied and have been developed especially for the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks by the Spring Creek Specialists Fly Shop.  

       We now have over 500 patterns just for the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks, including 65 patterns by Rene Harrop. 

    Many of the fly patterns mentioned can be seen at www.depuyspringcreek.com. Just follow the link to fly patterns. All of our patterns are available for sale by contacting us by email at basini@mcn.net or calling us at 406 222 5664




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